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  • Stacked Stone - Cascade Canyon
  • Stacked Stone - Cascade Canyon
  • Virginia Stacked Stone-Cascade Canyon
  • Reclaimed Wood Multitone Brown
  • Used Brick Chestnut
  • Ledgestone Rustic Gray
  • Stucco
  • Used Brick Old Town-
  • Adobe-STL Brick-
  • Mountain Country- Ledgestone Columns
  • Desert Tan Ledgestone- Sonic
  • Weathered Orange-Used Brick
  • Chesnut-Used Brick
  • STL Brick- Chestnut-Painted by customer
  • Desert Tan- Ledgestone Columns and Wainscot
  • Dumpster Enclosure- Old Town Used Brick
  • Used Brick
  • St.Louis Brick Adobe
  • Used Brick Sequoia Clay
  • stl brick wall -chestnut
  • stl brick column- chestnut
  • Zaxbys- Used Brick Old Town
  • Virginia Stacked Stone- Outback
  • Stacked Stone
  • Used Brick Chestnut
  • Used Brick panels
  • Weathered Orange- Used Brick
  • Weathered Orange-Used Brick
  • Used Brick- White wash
  • Clean Brick - Red chipotle
  • Clean Brick- Red Chipotle
  • Wild Wing Cafe-Used Brick
  • Desert Tan- Virginia Stacked Stone
  • Desert Tan- Stacked Stone
  • Used Brick- Weathered Orange
  • Sonic Desert tan Ledgestone
  • Weathered Orange- Used Brick
  • Stl brick- Adobe
  • Desert Tan- Virginia Stacked Stone
  • Sonic- Desert Tan Ledgestone
  • Stacked Stone -Mountain Country
  • Mountain Country-Virginia Stacked Stone
  • Arbys New Wood Paneling
  • Arbys Wood Panel
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faux stone arby remodel

Arbys Remodel

Arbys used our ledgestone panels and column kits click here to read more about their remodel. 
restaurant impossible profile

Restaurant Impossible: Used Brick Panel

Restaurant Impossible used our used brick panels to remodel a restaurant click here to read more about their remodel. 
sonic ledgestone remodel

Sonic Faux Stone Exterior Remodel

Sonic used our system to install our ledgestone wainscot panel  click here to read about their remodel. 
faux brick taco bell install

Taco Bell Retro Remodel

Taco bell used our STL Brick panels for an interior remodel  click here to read about their remodel. 
faux brick taco bell install

Sonic Faux Stone Exterior Remodel

Sonic used our quick to install ledgestone wainscot panel  click here to read about their remodel. 
faux brick zaxbys install

Zaxby's Faux Brick Exterior Remodel

Zaxby's used our used brick in color old town to remodel not only their store but their dumpster enclosure  click here to read about their remodel. 

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Backyard Burger has a program to refresh their restaurants exteriors for more curb appeal. They previously used a red tile wainscot and an EIFS on the upper area. They chose to boldly paint the upper area and use the Virginia Stacked Stone for the Wainscot section. The project was completed in 2/12 days without interrupting the business.

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"Urestone panels are my go to solution not only in commercial design but residential as well. Whether it is there brick, stone, or even rustic wood panels. I love the fact that whether you are a professional contractor or a do it yourselfer the ease of installation of Urestone makes it accessible to everyone, and the lightweight material allows me to add brick or stone to structures without having to worry about weight!  


 Brick is the perfect texture to add warmth and character to any space and with Urestone Panels ease of installation and lightweight it was the perfect choice.  They have some of the most realistic colors and textures you can find in a faux product and once installed you can't tell it is not the real thing." Lynn Kegan Celebrity Designer.  Restaurant:  Tabachines Cocina in downtown Los Angeles



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