Stucco Clad

Stucco Clad Panels

These synthetic textured architectural panels are the perfect alternative to typical EFIS applications. They designed to compliment stone, brick and CMU exterior designs and are equally suitable for both new construction and remodels. We offer the Stucco Clad Texture Panels in both a high-density polyurethane foam and PVC foamed board to accommodate different construction requirements.

STUCCO CLAD is created on a high-density synthetic panel wherein a CNC computer routers various patterns into the board, which is then primed and painted with standard industry textured and non-textured finishes.

Why Choose Stucco Clad Panels

The system provides a wide range of architectural design and size options

• Ability to add corporate brand into the design

Ability to install in all weather conditions

• Unlike conventional EIFS which is easily damaged, Stucco Clad is produced from a solid 3/4" impact resistance PVC board

The STUCCO CLAD can be installed with carpenters instead of EIFS contractors 

• STUCCO CLAD - arrives textured and painted with a wide variety of colors

Available in 4'x8' boards that interlock together

• Standard and custom corners available 

Standard  Pattern Options

SC 4000

Half Patter  SC 4000-800

Quarter Pattern  SC 4000-801

Diamond Pattern  SC 4000-803

Custom Patterns Available

Standard Color Options

Don't see what you're looking for? Stucco Clad Panels can be painted virtually any color to match your brand!

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