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Expertise-RU is responsible for the overall design and panels are premade at the factory to be assembled like a puzzle at the construction site with qualified contractors. Teamwork approach, single point of responsibility, trust, sense of pride by all parties involved.

Lower Cost-RU Innovation can offer specific cost effective composite panel systems to demonstrate RU is a team player to save labor during installation. Looking out for the interest of the owner by offering A, B, C cost options. Open honest communication. Owner involvement?

Value Engineering-Lowers architectural fees because design can be determined in house by RU from previous projects. Less risk for the owner because design changes occur less often which can be costly.

Speed- One stop speeds up construction or remodel communication with direct interaction. Less time on the remodel site reduces hassles with existing customers; mess, dust, loud noise etc. etc.

Flexibility -One stop can quickly communicate with the nationwide contractor to modify a design due to a change.

Market Advantage- show examples of how past Project Profiles can solve specific problem solving in various industries.

Case Study on Durability- Project Profiles illustrate over the years show how our product has stood the test of time over other materials.

Testimonials-Get some posted from past projects; name names outlining teamwork, exceeding expectations, how challenges were overcome, quality, details were addressed etc. etc.

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